Do I Gotta Resign?

OK, admission time boys and girls,  Much earlier in my life I went skinny dipping in the local pond.  I am sure that my mother would have not approved my playing doctor with the local neighborhood girls and there has to be more than one thing I have said that would have been classified as stupid when the words escaped my mouth.  In fact, as a soldier in Vietnam, a whole Company of men went skinny dipping in one stream to see if we couldn't wash off the stink of several weeks out in the countryside without the aid of a shower point.  The enemy didn't have to hear us coming, he could smell us at 1000 yards and I'm pretty sure that smell would gag a maggot. I will tell you that while we all smelled the same, not all men are created equal.

The point I am trying to make here is that we are the sum of our life and anyone that is perfect should be the President and the rest of need to shut up about anything that is not important.  How many Democrats would jump on the chance to blame Herbert Hoover for the great Depression but are no willing to accept that Obama should be painted with the same brush as the president when the great recession struck.  Heck, there are all sorts of theories about what created the Depression from the failure of the economic system to the failure of Government to act.  

All you have to do is look at the rest of the world and see that there are a lot of things going on where Governments meddled with laws, rule and regulations that has things all turned upside down.  Instead of blaming a skinny dipping congressman or one that says inappropriate things at even more inappropriate times, we should find a way to focus on the big deals and how to fix our problems.  It might be said that Government can't fix what needs to work its self out.  Either way, discussion by adults about the important things just might help us work our way out.  


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