My Back Hurts, and other Comments from the Right Side

Yesterday evening I noticed my back was hurting a little.  I mentioned it to Barb and she asked me to recount the things I did the day before to hurt it.  Well, let me see - First I carried and loaded fence panels on the trailer.  I reloaded the panels (by myself) about half way home.  When I got home, I moved the fully loaded trailer over to the parking spot by hand.  And yesterday morning I fell off my bike.  Hum.  Guess I need to shut the hell up and go take a Naproxin Sodium (Aleve).  Kind of like Barb to see right to the core of things fast!

This morning it is 53 degrees here in the Heartland.  All July it was way too hot and this morning you would need a jacket.  We will go at least to the post office a little later and I will probably wear some jeans for the first time in a long time.  I wear shorts a lot in hot weather.  

I read in the paper this morning that there was a 6'1" 12 year old that weighed 300 lbs.  His mother said it was discrimination that he couldn't play pee wee football where the weight limit is 170 lbs.    Where the hell do people get these ideas.  The kid needs to learn the fundamentals by playing against large players.  Blocking a 150 lb kid is nothing like blocking a kid any where near his size.  All he would do in pee wee football is to learn to stand there and later on get knocked on his butt because he did not learn how to block not just use his size.   I can't imagine how many parents would withdraw their kids form a league that would allow a giant to play in their league.  Not to mention the chance of a lawsuit because he just tripped and fell on some poor little guy.   The article said that this kid wanted to learn to play and didn't feel ready to be on the middle school team.  What?  Not ready?  How ready do you have to be to play lineman at 300 lbs.  Must have been a slow news day.

Have we all lost it?  Mitt Romney made a lot of money in his life and he has that money invested.  He paid taxes on it and should be able to take advantage of the Tax laws that says that investment income is taxed at a lower rate. The tax laws are our laws, not his.  he didn't go out and write them just for himself.  I don't hate rich people because they are rich and want to stay that way.  I think rich is a darned good goal.  I am very proud of the fact that when I do my spreadsheet every year right before I do my taxes I have more than the year before.  If I want to be a millionaire, that is my goal not something for anyone else to be mad at.  What I make and save takes nothing away from you.  There is room in the world for us to both be better off.  

Everyone is all pissed off at Congressman Ryan because he had the balls to sit down and try to figure out a way out of the financial mess we are in.  If you start with the old saying, "Do what you did and you will get what you got."  and end with the other saying, "If you think things won't get worse, just do nothing and it will."  Clearly, Ryan and I both feel that we either have to cut spending or raise taxes.  I am in the camp that wants a little of both before it all falls down on us.  

The real problem is the NIMBY crowd.  That is Not in MY Back Yard group that thinks they have paid for everything so long they deserve everything. (can we say AARP boys and girls) I for one think that the government is a horrible example of who I want running things.  We don't deserve anything for free.  We need to understand that if government gives you something for nothing, someone paid for it with the sweat of his brow not yours.  

Oh well, my back feels better now. Getting things off your chest must help.  


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