Riding the Trails

Barb tweaked her ankle Wednesday night and we hadn't been out on the bikes much this week.  I took my bike over to Lake Shawnee trail this morning and rode around the lake clockwise starting on Tin Man Circle.  I had forgotten just how tough the hills on the east side of the lake are.  I think I went only 4 Miles Per Hour up the golf course hill.  My legs are feeling it a little.  I was going to ride a couple of laps around Tin man Circle drive but when I got back to the truck I just loaded up and came home.

My Bike builder put me onto what to do for Christmas presents.  There are a lot of really great components that will significantly upgrade our equipment.  I will rely on his good advice on brands etc. as we get closer.  I don't think we will need to do any upgrades on the tires but new shifters and derailleurs will be a good addition for both our bikes.. 

I am thinking this might be a good year to strip my bike down and have it powder coated.  I loved the color but it wasn't much for durability.  I think I have most of the chain slap kind of things worked out.   I am pleased with the way it rides and just how quiet it is as I ride the trails.  There is one hill on the East side of the lake that I always speed down if there is no one walking.  I got up to over 30 MPH and it was as smooth as glass. 

The men's basketball team just beat Spain for the Gold medal.  It is kind of fun to see a bunch of Professional athletes acting like a bunch of kids that have found a cookie jar.  I hope I can be that happy in the things I will do for the rest of the year.  

Have a great day out there.


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