Jury Duty

I have been selected for jury duty in a little over a month.  I know that many of you have been selected but this is a first time for me.  It sure as heck isn't because I have moved around a lot.  We have been here for about 22 years and I am on the voters rolls and in the phone book.  I think that I have seen all the shows of law and order and it has filled my head with all sorts of ideas.  I will do my best to record the blow by blow account of the process. (To be published sans names after the fact) For once I will really try to sit on my hands and not to influence or lead the process.  It will be hard for the old retired Colonel to go with the flow.

I would relish a long trial but I do not want to be sequestered off in some seedy hotel.  I don't watch the news here and I could give up reading the paper in the morning if there is coffee.  



  1. MUD, is it Federal, or a State District Court? Just curious...

  2. It may not pan out. I got the letter once, made the phone call, got a call the day before that I was no longer needed. Still hasn't happened. You just never know.

  3. Yeah, Flea. That has been my wife's experience (Federal Jury)...and several co-workers, too.

    I did have to appear for a half a day in District Court, but was excused due to all the cases being plead out.

    Probably won't happen.

    But, my Mother-in-Law was once called, chosen, and sat on a Capitol Murder trial. So, it could.

    It'll probably happen to MUD. I hope the bed-bugs don't bite in the cheap motel.

    Just sayin'...

  4. It is just the County District Court. Liek you all said, I probably won't have to go in. They have a phone system that will tell you the night before to report - or not.