Getting it Done!

The back porch in the garage here at Rabbit run has been a nightmare for about the last 4 or 5 years.  I have added height to the steps and the sagging floor has just made it a wreck.  No matter what I tried, the slight movement would eventually work any stone and mortar fix unstable. Yesterday morning I just took matters in hand and did my best to build a set of wooden steps that could be adjusted if the floor drops more.  I might add that there is about 7 feet of sand fill under the floor there in that corner so some movement might be expected.  

I built a small landing for the first step and then steps down from there.  I hope that now you can change directions and then proceed down without having to have a hand rail on the wall.  It might make the midnight raid for an ice cream bar in the freezer a little more difficult but some prices must be paid.  I noticed that Dave's Barbara has trouble with the steps because of her knee.  The problem was really complicated with my wife's injured ankle.  Barb tripped on the stairs inside the house about a week ago and her ankle has a minor bone break and it really keeps her from walking fast or far.  I really do miss my Bike buddy too.

For a while I have noticed that the truck was having a problem starting.  The solenoid would click and then engage.  I was watching the charging gauge on the way home yesterday and noticed that it was not charging above 12 volts.  I took the battery out and charged it most of the day.  I took it back to the parts store and their tester said it was only holding about 335 amps not the 835 at normal temps or the 700 cold cranking amps.  The just replaced it at no cost.  I had replaced it in December last year and it was just a baby in battery terms.  Seems OK with a new one.  I'll keep an eye on the gauge for a while to make sure it is charging properly.

Yesterday, I got my first summons for Jury Duty in my entire life.  The bad news is that it is right on the heels of our trip to Gulf Shores.  I will probably have to come home a day earlier or two  than I would have.  Lets see, sit on the beach or wait for a trial.  Hum, wonder which  I would rather do?  I have always wondered why my name didn't seem to come up on the jury list.  I wonder if my Military Career got in the way.  I will profess to be on the side of Justice rather than mercy but I do think the evidence will speak for its self.   Haul the guilty rascal in and we'll see if he goes to jail or home.  At least I won't have a friendship with any of the lawyers get in the way.  I don't have many friends that are Lawyers.  There are a few relatives but not close friends.  Since I stopped drinking I just don't hang out in places where there are many lawyers.

I am personally fed up with the current election process.  I think clearly as I see it, the President has failed to bring us all together, raise our status in the world and restore the US to the place we once were.  Roll in the new guy.  We don't have to look further than the economy to see the facts of why.  I truly think Mitt understand what the problem is.  We'll see if he and Congressman Ryan's can right the ship of State.  I don't think i am ready for 4 more years of what we had.  Give Mitt a chance and if he can't make it happen, roll in a new guy.  We aren't electing god, only the President. 


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  1. MUD, it sounds like you are busier than a one armed switchman.

    I reached the ripe old age of 52 before being called for jury duty myself...had no military entanglements, so I figure that it was because I moved around a lot in my younger years.

    My wife was called for Federal Grand Jury about 10 years ago. She was told to call the Sunday night before she was to appear at the Federal Courthouse on Monday. She called, and listened to a message saying that her services would not be required, and thanking her for her service.

    I was not quite so lucky to do my "service" via telephone. I was called for duty at the Parish Coat-house! I had to show up, watch a video, suffer through folks (about 250 of us were there in the auditorium) raising their hands, and going up there to explain to the judge why they could not serve...etc. yada yada yada...

    About 20 people did not show up that were summoned. As each name was read, a Bossier Parish Deputy was dispatched to come haul those non-respondents in.

    Then we drew numbers from a bucket. I don't know for sure, but I think I drew #70, or something. Then we took a lunch break. After lunch, another Judge (actually a life-long friend of mine since First Grade) convened the 250 or so assembled. He said that his docket had been cleared in the morning session, due to the fact that there was an ample pool of jurors.

    I'm assuming that he meant that they all plead out, instead of facing a jury. Yeah, that's what he meant.

    Then, Judge Self alerted us all. "If you are Juror #1 through #50, there is a good chance that you will be required to appear tomorrow. But, you all need to call (gave a phone#) after 5:30 this afternoon to see if your presence will be required."

    I called at 1731 HRS. The recording - "Thank you for serving your community. ALL JURORS have been dismissed. You will not need to appear tomorrow. Once again, we appreciate your commitment to our judicial system."

    Evidently, all of the afternoon cases got cleared by pleas, too.

    After talking to several people, I discovered that this is the way it usually goes. Parish (County) Court, or Federal (petit jury, or grand jury)...most people that are called for jury duty never sit in the box.

    Having said all that...you will probably be called for a Capitol Murder trial, will spend months in a courtroom, listening to God knows what yada yada yada...and be sequestered in a cheap motel for at least 3 weeks during final deliberations.

    Probably not...