Out of the Mouth of Babies

This morning two mothers reported on Facebook the cute things their children said yesterday.  It always reminds me of what Art Linkletter could get kids to say on his show. Also I always loved the tales Barb brought home from school.  One of my favorite stories was the one that Barb reported to me.

One of her students was to write down what they did during that summer.  Barb tried to help him  by having him verbally tell what they did before they tried to write it.  One little boy related the story about visiting his grandmother's farm  She had a lot of chickens and ducks.  Something got one of the hens and she just slipped the hen's eggs under the momma duck and she hatched them like they were hers.  As soon as the were old enough to get out of the nest the momma duck took the chicks down to the pond.  The sound went -peep, peep, peep, glub, glub, glub...   As it turned out, baby chickens can't swim.    Barbara saw the kids mother a little later on and the mother affirmed the story as true. Every once in a while I will crack Barb up by repeating the sound effects of that joke.  Peep, peep, Peep, Glub, Glub Glub....


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