R U Hungry

For most of my life, I have been hungry for something new and good.  I never really went hungry as a kid, but I did seem to be hungry - a lot.  In that vein, I would like to share some of my favorite foods.

My dad loved a good hamburger and I'm sure that the special trips to the "Moo to You" in Wichita just reinforced that desire.  Oddly enough, my dad also took us out to an A&W Root beer place once in a while but it just never took hold in my desires.  My son loves some good root beer but I don't.   I do love a big old juicy hamburger, with all the fix-in's and hold the mayo.  Cheese or no cheese is not relevant to me.  Warning- No pink in my burger!

I don't know if my dad's Navy service was the cause, but we had Navy beans about once a week.  Throw in some ham and a side of cornbread and I'm in my danger zone of overeating.  I have changed my taste a little in that I now use pinto beans not those white navy beans.  I like white beans if I am making a smoked chicken chili but normally I eat pintos.  As kids we had Pepsi a lot with beans but I now prefer water or tea.

Take a good pork roast (or Loin) and smoke it on the grill with hickory.  From there you can go so many ways to delicious that it is not funny.  Chunks of pork in Spanish Rice is one of my favorites.   I also like to have pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. I never acquired a taste for coleslaw on my sandwich.  I do love coleslaw as a side dish with my BBQ but leave it off the sandwich.  I also love the new Bush's ranch beans as a side.  I think I overdosed on Pork and beans and now don't love the sweet beans.

My wife and son never had the love  of seafood that I have.   Shrimp, crab & lobster all are on my list of yummy.  In Little Rock, AR there was a place called SOB's (Shrimp, Oysters and Beer Hause) that I loved to visit at least once on each trip to North Little Rock.  Half a pound of boiled shrimp, a dozen oysters and a pitcher of beer was our normal order when I would take a couple of the guys there.  I have done a pound of shrimp but I then cut back to half a dozen oysters. I love the cold boiled shrimp or the warm shrimp boiled in beer.  Sadly, the last time I went through Little Rock the place was closed.  That is a format that I would love to open here in Topeka.  Probably would have to have some BBQ also.

Speaking of BBQ, if it isn't smoked meats off my grill, I think Famous Dave's is the bomb.  I have yet to have a bad meal there.  

For a while I was eating grilled rib eye steaks from Sam's club.  When my weight got to 270 and my blood test told me that my indicators were all out of whack, I had to stop that.  Oddly enough, a small sirloin steak at Texas Road house seems to do.   I do the salad and steamed veggies.

For some reason, the Outback has just delivered to me so many sad meals in the last 5 or 6 times I ate there that I have stopped going there.   Two of the six bad meals were their ribs.  They were so poorly cooked that they were inedible.  The only meal I had there that was good was the coconut shrimp.   

When we travel, I find that one pretty safe meal is ham and two eggs over medium.  They generally are served with some crunchy hash browns and an order of toast (Whole wheat and no butter please).  Serve a few cups of coffee and I'm good to go till lunch.

Dang, even after a great slice of home made bread a covered with crunch peanut butter I am hungry again.  Wonder why?


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