Ladies and Gentlemen,

It may come to you as a shock, but I am offended by the use of profanity on Facebook.  I don't care if you are posting a picture someone else made or not.  Facebook was supposed to be a social network not something you can go off on without recourse.  I love funny, sad, thoughtful stories and I don't mind pictures that you have simple copied from some web site.  Please try to remember that there are children out there that read Facebook and they don't need adults cursing at them.  (Yes, I am doing my best to keep from telling you to knock that shit off)  But I always was a bad influence.


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    Okay. That's out of my system. Children under the age of 13 aren't supposed to have accounts. They shouldn't be on FaceCrack. If they do, it means that they and/or their parents are lying. So. Buyer beware.