On NPR this morning, there is a talk show where a friend tries to tell his friend why he is bored in life.  He went over and looked at some of the details about the things in the oblivious man's home.  It was clear that the friend was oblivious to the details in his life and the recommendation was to pay a little more attention to the small things.

On the other side of that coin, it one of my motto's.  "Nine sveat the vider sheist. "  It English it is supposed to be an approximation of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff."    Life is an adventure of new things not a process of crawling over the small details in everything.  The memory in smart phones has made the memory of telephone numbers somewhat irrelevant.  Unless in an effort to cut down some of the monthly bills you go to a dumb phone.   If you have a Trac Phone never mind.

I have always been able to talk with about anyone.  But, I have also been accused of not really knowing what the other person is feeling.  Oh, I can tell the extremes but the people in the middle of their happy/sad cycle are hard for me to understand.

This morning,  the paper delivered a new Menard's catalog and there on the table from yesterday's mail was a new Harbor freight catalog.  Talk about a time user.  I managed to spend at least 30 minutes in each and an hour later, I don't have a clue what the details were, but I had a lot of ideas.  Just what I needed, lots of new ideas and enough projects to keep me busy until Christmas.  

Better get moving and see if I can find some way to complete the projects on my to do list.


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