Break in the Weather

I think Mother Nature is trying to give us one more break in the weather before the really bad stuff sets in.  High 60's today and over the weekend with a chance of drizzle tomorrow.  We sure need the water here in the heartland.  As I drove down into the middle of Oklahoma it was sure distressing to see how many ponds were dry or nearly so.   Spent a couple of days in the vault of Seminole County Court house looking for Mineral deeds and Oil information for my In-Laws.  I mostly fetch books and make copies of what Barb finds.  I think I finally figured out the system and only made a couple of minor mistakes.  

Looking Good for a wild Animal
The only new thing on the Trail Cam was this picture of a coyote taken during the day while we were gone.  Lots of pictures of deer and the turkeys but mostly the same one's.   I think the Coyote sure looks good and has his winter coat on.  

How do you pick out a restaurant when you travel?  Barb has a rule that there must be at least five cars in the parking lot.  So far, it seems to work out.  I have had in the past a love of Popeye's Chicken but not so much any more.  We ate at one near Shawnee Oklahoma and it was not nearly as good as I had hoped.  The chicken was OK and the Red Beans up to their usual standards but the whole place was messy and the floor was slick.  Someone used the kitchen mop in the lobby.  Oh well, one of these days Church's will perfect their spicy chicken.  Perhaps...

I think the Power Ball is a hoot.  Right when we need to pay attention to what Congress is doing to dig us out of the deep do-do, we lift and shift our attention to the trivial crap like the Power Ball.  The chances of winning the Power Ball ate one in about 175,000,000.  The chances that the Congress is about to hit us all with a tax raise is about 1 in one.  The sad part is that the Democrats are trying to run their solution through and won't compromise at all.  The Republicans have the same idea and the people that will pay is Usn's.  Yep that is the Plural of US like "All Y'all"   I will survive but there are a lot of people out there that really need all the money they take home and don't need another pay cut.

Just for the Record - There were stories that the CEO of COSCO was some kind of wizard and taking a small salary to the benefit of their employees.  Look it up boys and girls, he and the rest of the Board of Directors borrowed 3.5 Billion to pay a year end bonus.  His compensation will be in the range of about 16 Million.  Sure wish I could just go out and borrow 3.5 billion and pass that on to the rest of us as a tax write off.  They didn't even take it out of cash on hand but went out and borrowed it.  Crap on the Business news writers that tried to make him look like a hero.  Another Corporate CEO backing up to the gravy train.

Oh well, Better get on the road...


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