Just One Day at a Time

I am not an alcoholic, I am just a sober drunk.  I don't go to the meetings to stay that way.  I did read the book, or at least gnawed on the cover a bit to get the flavor.  My real problem with AA is that they base what happens to you a lot on a higher power.  I don't happen to believe that anyone (with the exception perhaps of Barb) has control over my life.  I feel that I alone am responsible for my actions and reactions to life.  I am the source of my own happiness and sadness and don't need to drink to modify the way I feel. I might still have the urge, just not the need.

My 2013 Post on Facebook was:  Oh, that I  have the strength to change the things I might, the courage to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.  Petty Corollary - Or that I will have enough young relatives that I can live vicariously  through their accomplishments.    Kind of the AA saying but modified to my tenants.  

We had such a mild winter last year and such a mild fall that it is somewhat surprising that we now have cold weather and three inches of snow.  I hope that the moisture is a good sign that things will be a little wetter this year.  I am pretty sure that it has been so dry that there is no sub soil moisture to help the farmers grow crops this spring unless we get a lot more snow.  I can do without the cold, but a lot more snow wouldn't hurt a thing.  I am sitting inside looking out the window and resisting the urge to go out and put the blade on the tractor to try to push the snow around a little.  It would really be more play than serious work but I am trying to resist the challenge and the fun.   

Looking down the hill, I can see that something tipped over the deer feeding pan last night to get down to the feed under the snow.   In just a little while I will go down and look at the footprints (or hoof prints, or better yet, tracks) to see who was the culprit.  I will bring in the trail cam and look for picture evidence.  Then I will fill the pan and put out the camera  for another round of fetch the camera and see what is to be seen.

Buck during the day yesterday

One stupid dog 24 hours later

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