Busy, Busy, Busy!

I woke up early yesterday and I could hear a big old red rock calling my name.  Hey MUD, I'm going to just lay here for another hundred years unless you find a way to move me.  The good news is that I have a great tractor with a front scoop and so far no rock has defeated me. (US?)   I use a big truck chain to help hold it in the bucket and put them in the front yard.  Yesterday's rock is just waiting for instructions from the Master Gardner.  I do move not pretty.

About the time I got the rock moved, the gravel arrived.  I got 18 tons of 3/4 inch rock and 18 tons of AB3. The driveway gravel was spread by the dump truck and I have about half of the 3/4 inch gravel placed where it is needed.  The even better news is that I can get out of bed this morning.  

I went over to the new Menard's after I moved the gravel and purchased a swing set for "My Little Friends" in Kansas City.  It was the last of last month's oil money and I know that Mom would be proud of such use.  I have a date with Capt Jenn on Sunday morning to put as much of the set together.  

About 7 PM, a fellow who had a tractor in the paper called.  He had a finish tow behind mower that belonged to a friend.  He didn't know if it was for sale and he had to call him.  It was for sale and he asked $400 for it.  It is a modified brush hog with wheels on all four corners so it won't scalp high places.  I got it home but it was too dark to hook it up last night.

It rained last night and I won't get to mow today.  The phone just rang and it was the other Lumber Yard calling to let me know he was en route to deliver Barb's shed.  Better cut this shorter and get with the program.

As busy as I was yesterday, I didn't get any oranges or grape jelly out to feed the Orioles.  I sure hope they ate the suet block and will hang around for today's feeding.  I guess I will see some time later on today.



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