Oh Lord

Please don't let anyone tell you that building a 10 X 12 tall shed is easy or a one man job.  No matter how hard I work, I am going to need help for the roof structure.  I am not tall enough or strong enough to do it alone.  I am not sure I ever was that good.

The latest news on the Kansas State front is the question of if the State Wide Sales Tax should be let to expire or not.  There is all sorts of people saying that the sales tax is aimed at the poor people the most.  As I lookout there, about 50% of the poor are purchasing their food with a "Vision" card and I don't see how a little sales tax is hurting them.  

Kansas Capital Dome

There is a lot of people out there that think that the testing grounds for ideas is the States first.  If a State stumbles a little, there is no real damage done.  Well, except for California.  I wouldn't invest any money in their bonds at any interest amount. 

Speaking of interest, I got a piece of mail the other day that had a wonderful offer of .7% interest for $10,000 for 5 years.  That is not 7% but .7%  as in 0.7%.  Spend it, send it rolling along.

Last night about 4 AM I thought I heard something go thump outside the door.  I turned on the outside light and there was a pretty good size raccoon molesting the oriole feeder.  I guess he finally climbed up on it and broke the rod that holds it on the chain it hangs from.  The entire mess was on the ground this morning and it took a lot of epoxy to glue it together.  I moved it a little so the raccoon won't be able to reach  it  unless he does a forward dive off the porch.  There is just not enough epoxy to fix that.  The bad news is that now that it is back up there hasn't been an oriole here yet.  we'll see.

Better go get cleaned up.  


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