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Yesterday the weather here in the Heartland was terrible.  It started out as rain, then sleet, then snow and finally a combination of all three that was just wet and cold.  I spent the better part of three days working on the guttering and right in the middle of it all, I noted the guttering on the deck was overflowing.  It seems that the part that changes the water flow back to the house was plugged.  Right in the middle of the worst of it all I went out and repaired it.  The good news is that the fix worked and it didn't kill the electric Makita drill. 

The only good thing this week was the fact that a small group of Baltimore Orioles have been visiting and hey have added a real splash of color to the place.   While I was at the hardware store I picked up an Oriole feeder.  It has a place for half an orange, jelly and some kind of nectar like you would put in a hummingbird feeder.  So far they have really worked over the orange and ate all the jelly.   I bought one of those squeeze bottles of Welches grape jelly and they seem to love it.  I can't el that they have even tried the nectar.  (It is really sugar and water)

I would post pictures of the birds here but my Adobe Elements has crashed and I am no going to put the new program on until I am sure the Windows version I have on this computer works.  Oh well, they will be just as pretty later and I don't have a clue how long they will stick around.   Yesterday the turkeys came right up to the house looking for food.  I did sill some sunflower seeds by the feeder and they came up just as bold as you like and munched down.  They were a pretty sorry looking lot.  IT was mostly a bunch of males and I hear the hens but they don't come up to the feed pan or the house.  I hear them gobbling in the morning to gather up the flock but they stick to the woods.

Yesterday I read an old John Sanford book and it wasn't until I got to the very end that it even remotely seemed familiar.  There was a shoot out scene and I realized I had read it.  Oh well, it was a good way to stay out of the rain. 

Better get things rolling.



  1. The best feeder I have found for Orioles is an open top hummingbird feeder. One filled with 4 to 1 sugar water and One filled with grape jelly. I buy jelly by the big jar of regular cheap concord jelly. If you keep the feeders full the birds will nest nearby and stay until their young hatch and learn to fly. The young will come to the feeders for a few days and then they will all leave. They will be yearly visitors if you feed them.

  2. They are here in force and the fight for position on the feeder is a lot of fun to watch. The birds that stay here all the time have their routine down to a pretty organized riot, The Orioles are still fighting everyone for possession of the suet block and the jelly feeder. I am pretty sure that we will keep feeding them jelly and suet blocks for a while