Family Sayings

My mother and father had cute sayings that fit many occasions.  I will try to replicate some of them here:

Mom- "You wait till your father gets home." I am pretty sure there is no further  explanation needed. "We'll miss you."  I had a lot of Military training, events and mostly drill that got in the way of weddings and funerals.  Life went on in spite of my being away.   "You have to go to sleep sometimes."  Kind of like the rattle on a snake, you never knew when but you had a pretty good idea that you were going to get it.   

Dad - "All Hands on deck"  You had better be up and att'em Pretty darned quick.  "We need to get out and blow the stink off." Not sure where this came from but it was the last step in preventing cabin fever.  "Don't make me stop this car."  Warning heard after my mother said "Glenn" in a whiny voice. Dad always told me I could make a living digging ditches, "But you won't like it."

Curly - "The only way to make the last of your life worthwhile is to save a good portion of everything you make."  We socked away as much as we could in retirement programs beyond any pensions.  Now if I could figure out a way to get that money back out of those funds without paying taxes.

Erma - "While you are up, would you fetch us both a beer." 

Dave - "I love you sugar whumpus"  Not sue of the spelling but they are Science Fiction fans. 

Barbara (Senior) - "I love you."  Always music to my ears.  45 years of that and I never tire of hearing it.

Barb (Jr.)  - "I don't care what you call me but don't call me Barbie."

MUD - I loved to work with a team to build a consensus.  But as every leader learns there is always a time to say "Frog" when it is time to jump.  I probably overused the term, "Watch my Lips" when issuing directives.  Based on the number of scars on my body, I am pretty sure that the old saying went, "I wonder what would happen if I do this." But not near enough or soon enough in my life.

 Mattie Jean - In a very loud and high pitched voice, "Jimmy."  He was my cousin that had a lot of broken bones.  He even scared me a lot of times. 

What in your life will be you remembered for saying? 


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