After taking most of yesterday off, it is raining today.  I guess I should have reversed the day off but we do need the rain.   I did get the shed roof finished and now all I need to do is to put on a little trim and paint.  Should have that all done by mid week without much of a sweat.

We had company for breakfast today.  Dave's in-laws are here for a visit and we live to see them and feed them a good breakfast.  It was all good and we had a great time visiting. 

As I look out the door downstairs, it appears that the rain has stopped and perhaps we will get a chance to dry off later on today. 

Dave was here for breakfast and he helped me transfer all my documents and pictures from the laptop to the new computer.  He also found the terabyte hard drive and I can use it to store my pictures.  I will try to set up a back up on it soon and that will be one more step in the computer swap process.  I am learning Windows 8 and so far it is  fairly straight forward when you know how and what you want to make it happen.  It is like anything new, it just takes a little time to get it all working.

Guess I'll make this a short note and move on smartly.


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