Getting Level

The only way to start off a project is to make sure you have a level place to start.  Then continue level from there.  I am having a small problem in going from corner to corner in a level manner.  I am going to start fresh this morning and make it so.

I am firmly convinced that the news outlets are just doing their best to make things controversial to get higher ratings.  Now that we have Jodi convicted, they are spending hours discussing life in prison or death.  I vote that she is guilty and it is up to the mercy of the court to decide where she goes.  'Nuff Said.  We should not have had a consulate in Benghazi so get over it.  Even if we did, what the hell was the ambassador doing there if there was a threat.  Play hard, but do it in a smart manner.  

On the local front, three people have been killed and their bodies discovered near Ottawa. The assumption is that the body of a small child just hasn't been discovered yet. We lived there for five years and I drove by the place on many occasions when I commanded the Artillery battalion there in Ottawa.  Don't have a clue what happened but it appears that a guy with a previous conviction for murder is the culprit.  This time I hope they get it right and he spend the rest of his time either behind the prison walls or on death row.  With the fact that we didn't execute Dennis Rader (BTK) the killer I don't have much hope the Justice system will step up and put this mad dog to death.  

What I want in the matter of gun control is linkage.  Show me a solution and link that to the problem and see if I don't accept your premise.  Don't shout at me because I am heartless over not accepting your solution until you fins a way that doesn't restrict me in a manner that is unconstitutional.  I am not the problem, I will continue to do what I do without being the problem.  Find a way to guarantee the people in California will be safe and leave me the hell alone.  Make a constitutional change and I will at least play along.  Otherwise, your congress spoke so leave me alone.

Has anyone else noticed that since sequestration has cut back on the spending we seem to be getting better.  It hasn't taken more spending, but less to start the ball rolling.  A;; along I have thought it was more attitudinal and not under the control of Government.  Now if the people out there can just find a way to continue to have faith in our economy we will continue to get better.  No, I won't even speculate what would have happened had we not spent the money.   I won't do that anymore than I will speculate how bad it was under the previous president.  If you look at the facts, the President is not the moving force, our congress is.  We keep re=electing that pack of Bozo's even with an 8% approval rating.  Oh yes, I know it is my congressmen and women that are the problem and yours are perfect.  I would throw them all out and start over.  It couldn't be worse.  

A week or so back, I mowed.  I went out to the mailbox yesterday and noticed that I need to mow again.  Bummer.  As I am outside working on the shed, I can hear lawn mowers all over the county cutting grass down to size.  Oh, the orioles are still here and enjoying the oranges, the juice and especially the grape jelly. I forgot to pick up a jar of jelly at the store yesterday so i might have to make a quick trip to fetch some.  Barb is about to leave to go to the master gardener's plant sale.  She doesn't write for the newsletter but does try to take pictures of the events for them.

Better go get on the straight and level.   I might even sneak out and go see the movie MUD.  The warning for the review was language and smoking.  Sounds like a great deal of my life in a caption.
Be careful what you feed out there.  Even weenie dogs will sniff your pan.


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