Dang I hate it when that Happens!

After three days of working on the guttering, I checked it out this morning and found that there was one of the downspouts plugged about halfway down and one of the connector pipes on the ground not hooked up. The good news is that it will be a couple of days before I will climb back up a ladder to fix the problems.  The rain just turned to snow a few moments ago.  I thought I felt ice in the rain when I went out to get the paper.

On that note, the Master Gardner's plant sale for this weekend got cancelled.  Last year it was too late in the growing season and this year too early. Who Knows.

The other day I went out to mow and could not get my tow behind mower to run and stay running well enough to mow.  I stopped and went to Dave's to use the Troy Built mower there and then bring it here.  It had a dead battery and a flat tire.   After mowing his place, I brought it here and on the 2nd round in the field the mower deck belt broke.  Seems lie there is a lot of work in trying to do what is needed.  And, by the way, after climbing up and down the ladder I didn't work on the garage.

Today is going to be a book day as soon as I finish here.  I have no intention of trying to fix major things.

Barb has been fascinated by a pair of male Baltimore orioles that have showed up this year.  They are bright and showy and different.  We have quite a few Cardinals that seem to glow in the sun but this is really the first year for Orioles.  I just saw a house finch for the first time this year.  They don't seem to stay here long and I think we see them when they pass through.

On to a good book, or two.


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