I lost a day

Somewhere between Sunday and today it seems like I lost a day.  Normally it is really easy for me as I put my daily pills in one of those pill containers that tell me what day it is.  When I filled it this week, I put that days pills out on the counter and now I don't have a clue except the weather channel told me it was Thursday.  I guess I will just have to take their word for it.

I went up and read the paper and then checked the weather channel.  There is this big green rain cloud from Salina to Columbia and Tulsa to Omaha.  Right here in the middle is Tecumseh and we are getting the kind of light rain that will make up the shortages from last year.  Barb put in a drip irrigation system in her garden and so far hasn't needed it.  I think she may have to go out and hold an umbrella over the garden to keep those little plants from drowning.

Yesterday afternoon I was downstairs and there was a loud thump on the side of the house.  We went out to see what it was and there by the front door was a big old Hickory tree had fallen.  It did a number on the gutter but little other damage.  It was pretty rotten so it won't make good smoking wood for the grill.  The good news is there are a lot of other hickory trees out there that will fit the bill.  One of these days it will dry up some and I will be able to take my chain saw out and clear some of the paths from fallen trees.  Will also try to cut some hickory for my grillin' brother Dan in Kansas City. He borrowed some of the dry rub from a friend that competes in Cook offs and shared some with me.  It is just the right blend and with the hickory makes a killer pulled pork.

Speaking of pulled pork and grilling, We invited the kids over for Pork Chops yesterday and I about forgot.  The arrive here at 5:15 and at 4 PM I was reminded by Barb that I needed to get it in gear.  I had trouble getting the grill to light and get up to temp and I had to cook the chops lower and slower that usual.  It was a happy accident.  Those were the best and most juicy chops ever.  Throw in a side of potatoes and onions (Yes, the Vidalia onions are here) and it was all yummy.  Barb loves to make sides of fruits and I think she even made a fondue pot of chocolate.  For me, those big old red strawberries are just too good to coat with chocolate.  Not for the girls.  OK, I did have two of those pork chops.

We are hosting a family gathering in June and are having problems getting an accurate headcount.  The traditional Bieroaks (Cabbage rolls in dinner rolls) are so good but where doe we start and stop making them?  If there are 50 people coming, and that is a possibility, the count needs to be at least 100.  I know I can personally eat three or four without missing a beat.  I would be surprised if Barb even eats two.  We talked about some of the other family treats and the Macaroni and tomato dish came up.  I think my Grandmother used it to stretch meals.  It is basically macaroni with canned tomatoes and enough sugar and butter to make a light sauce.  It doesn't sound like much on the written page but we sure cleaned up a lot of them at Sunday dinner.  Throw in a lime Jell-O and pears and you have a treat.  I will probably get potato salad and baked beans at Sam's club to round it all out.  My mother would rather have pie than cake so in her honor we will have some of the best pies from Mrs. Smith's and Marie Calendars.  Lemon, chocolate and banana cream from Mrs. Smiths and fruit pies from Marie Calendars.  Barb's dad likes her razzleberry pie.  I love apple or peach. 

All this talk of food has me hungry so I'll call it a day here and move on to breakfast.


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