Just a Note

While reading the blog of my niece Beck, I saw that she at one time was worried about what she wrote.  I offer her this advice.  After 2320 blogs all published and "In the Can." I think I can offer her a few words of advice.  Blogs are about the real things in life and not intended to be as riveting as a "Tale of Two Cities."  It doesn't have to start with a great title of end with a tragedy.   Start where you start, end when you want to and charge what the BlogSpot allows.  I have over 130,000 hits on my site and sure as heck don't worry about who reads my blog or what they learn or take away. 

I don't know why people like to read about the life of ordinary people but they seem to enjoy what we do.  Throw in a few pictures and they will come back.

Brag about your kids, dogs and things.  Life is to be enjoyed.  Love ya'.


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