Garden Shed

This last week we were out and about and saw the 10X12 shed on sale at one of the local lumber yards.  It is normally about $1,900 and they had it on sale at $1,399. It was delivered yesterday and I have started it but have little more than the foundations completed.  I will do the floor kit sometime today after it dries up a little bit.  It has rained about 1/3 of an inch since it was brought on site and it is a little muddy.  I think by noon it will be OK.

Has there been nothing on the news new lately?  The Jodi Arias trial has been on a lot.  Who cares that they found her guilty.  Didn't she confess that she did it?  Then the Benghazi mess is hogging the left over news.  If I were the President and my Defense Director said something as stupid as "We didn't want to put more people in harm's way."  Guess who would get his pink slip.  The Special operators are the guys that come in guns blazing and fix problems.  The final piece of time has been taken up with the burial of the Boston Bomber.  If it was good enough for Bin Laden, why not just put rocks in his body bag and bury him at sea.  I for one really don't care.  After all, didn't even Lee Harvey Oswald have a grave?  

I would support background checks for gun sales if I had even the slightest thought that the Government wasn't trying got get us to register all gun owners.   Those legal gun owners have nothing to do with the high crime rate and having our names in a government data base will do nothing to curb crimes.   How about putting the names of people that can't buy guns on a computer data base?   Do the crime, get on the list.  That makes a hell of a lot more sense to me.  What the heck do I care about people that commit crimes?  Isn't there a registry for sex offenders?  

Every once in a while I will run into a post that is using some retired General as the authority on any number of topics.  Most of those guys had so much power that they thought they were the see all and end all of any discussion.  Wrong!   Give me the opinion of a guy that carried a tool box or at least knew what honest sweat was all about.  What ever you do, don't use the ideas of some celebrity or retired Military type to make a point.  You have every right to put your own ideas up there for us all to laugh at.  I am not sure if my comments are always right but I do hope I put a smile on a face or two now and then.  

Get out there and mow that grass.


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