My World

From my computer desk, I can currently see three Baltimore Orioles, two woodpeckers, three squirrels, a turkey and lots of little birds flying in and out of the black oil sunflower seed feeder.  I am not sure that life can get much better than this.  Yes, I do have to do chores to make sure that everyone gets fed and I hate that my oranges are going to feed the orioles.  Looking down to the feed pan on the trail way south of the house, I can see that the turkey is headed up this way because last evenings feeding in the pan was eaten by the other turkeys and a raccoon. He will boldly strut his way up here and eat what the little birds have dropped or left on the ground.

Orange you glad they like oranges?

Where's the beef? Can't you see we're hungry out here?
As soon as I took the picture of the turkey, she saw me and headed out of the brush.  I think she was as surprised to see me as I was to see her as close as she was.  I am pretty sure it is a hen as I didn't see the beard hanging down the front of her.  The Males seem to come in a pack of three to five.  This one hen doesn't seem to have a flock to be with.

Since the Orioles showed up, we have had one visitor that just defies description.  It is a bird that has the same size and black like the orioles but the coloration is a real dark red or brown.  It is possible it is a female oriole but not sure.

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my friends out there.  I hop you can fins a good meal to fill your bellies with good thoughts.



  1. The pretty Orange ones are Baltimore Orioles, the darker one is an Orchard Oriole male. They often bunch together at migration time. We had some here last year.

  2. Thanks for the answer. Barb says that the eastern and the western Orioles are one in the same. I'll share this with Barb.