Is it Monday?, Nope Tuesday

I am not sure what my horoscope is trying to tell me today.  In one sentence it told me to be as amicable and pleasant as I can be.  Is that bad or good?  Only time will tell.  I will try to finish the trim on the shed outside by myself today so I won't have to wear a sign that says "Beware." 

I did get out a little yesterday afternoon and do some of the trim on the shed.  I did get the trim moved closer to the shed and it was only a little muddy there by the shed.  I think I managed to spend some of the time looking at how to finish the trim as much as put up new trim.  I do have a couple of fair ideas.  It really looks good so far and inside in spite of three inches of rain it stayed dry inside.  I tried to not track in mud so I worked mostly on the outside.  I will include pictures when I get it painted.  The trim and siding is primered from the lumber yard so it looks fairly good now. 

There are a lot of people out there in poor health and things could sure change in the next couple of years.  A lot of the older adults are in their late 80's and that doesn't bode well for bunches of years left.  I noticed over the Memorial Day televisions shows that a darned lot of the WWII Vets are no longer alive.  Korea Vets are thinning out and a bunch of my Vietnam friends are already gone.  I have given up drinking and smoking and Barb is trying to keep me active.  At least I can look dirty and sweaty enough to look like I am working hard.

We are having a family reunion tis next month and sure hope a lot of the family can get over.  My father's younger brother Warren and his wife Mattie Jean are going to do their best to get here.  I will say about all those that don't make it, "We will Miss 'em."  (Virginia Dene Lee Petty Schawo) 

Yesterday, my son Dave was over for Breakfast and worked on my computer a lot.  He knows what to do about Windows 8 and makes it work very simply.  I do hate that when he transferred in my pictures and documents from the lap top we were unable to bring the programs with them. There were a few things I had worked on that were lost or overwritten with the change but the changes he made far make this machine work the way I know how to write.  Something about the new computer wouldn't recognize the programs and that has something to do with the copy write on the programs.  I don't care but the computer does. 

It was so wet that the Raccoon was out looking for food

Well, I have stalled off enough so I'd better get busy and eat my bowl of breakfast food and get to work outside.


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