Buildings to Store Toys

As I accumulate more big boy toys, I find that I have exceeded the storage space for what I already have.  When I got that "Much Needed" tractor last year, I found that I now need a storage garage for it and the little tractor and the mower.  I may even need an area with a roof to store some of the attachments. Such is the life of a guy with enough money to say I have every thing I need and most of what I want.  

I think the minimum I will need is a 24X30 garage but I do need a 10 foot door.  I have considered building a wooden garage but and leaning towards a pole barn type structure that I will put in a rock floor this year and move to concrete next year or so.  With the extra wood I have here at Rabbit run, I will probably put in a small wood stove area in one corner.  I have the stove and all the wood I need. In fact, I had to get a burn permit this week so I could get rid of some of the wood piles I have started.  One was a small pile for branches and the other has the 20-30 foot pine trees that have died of the blight that got most of them.  Those damn red cedar trees have not even had one die and most of the trees I bought about 20 years ago have gone brown.  I have cut some down and some have fallen down.  I need to take the chain saw out and cut the remainder down.

We have both of our rental houses rented and I need to go over today and give the new renter her set of keys.  I also need to remind her that early next week, she needs to have the utilities put in her name.  I am looking forward to meeting her daughter that is a middle school student at Shawnee Heights.  I have that house looking pretty darned good and I hope they like it there.  I am also painting the bigger house and have purchased a water blaster sprayer to help blow off some of the bad paint.  I will probably use it to clean the wooden siding here at Rabbit run next year.  The house has turned pretty brown and shows a lot of dirt and cobwebs. 

Oh well, I guess I had better get running and see if there is something better to do with my time.



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