This the last day of September and boy has this summer rushed by.  After spending a couple of weeks on the road and three weeks working on the rental house, there just seems like there is no summer left.  Well dummy, it is fall and there is no summer left. 

Can anyone imagine how the KC Chiefs are undefeated at 4-0?  Add to that that K-State is only 2-2 and you have the scope of just how out of whack things are.  If Kansas wins their season opener in the Big XII I will know that things are completely screwed up.  OK, I have little hope that it will happen but who knows?

The other day, I was having trouble getting my printer/scanner to send scanned items to the computer.  As the last resort before I called on Dave to help, I unplugged the printer from the port on  the motherboard.  I plugged it in on the front of the computer and it works fine.  Not sure how that is, but I can't argue with the fact it works. 

Today I got a message that one of my schoolmates (Yes, from East High -1965) likes one of my posts on some site I don't remember signing up for.  I looked at what he liked, and it is the buffalo picture I have as my desktop background.  There are also some of the deer pictures I didn't send them on there also.  If they were important perhaps I might worry.  I don't even pretend I am any sort of an Anthony Weiner so there is no worry about pictures being totally inappropriate.  I remember the old saying that the best thing that cures nudity beyond the age of 50 is a full length mirror.  'Nuff Said.

Old Bull Buffalo sitting in the sun in Yellowstone

One thing I need to do today is to check the furnace filter.  I noticed there is a coat of dust on the Big Screen TV';s and the front of my computer.  That is generally a sign that the furnace filter needs changed.  Yes, it wouldn't hurt if I would do a little dusting also. 

Have I told you how much I hate getting old?  Yesterday we drove to Lawrence to do a little grocery shopping and two of the main reasons we went there I forgot.  I didn't get my list completed and just simply didn't remember them.  Barb uses powdered milk in her bread making and I like butter when I cook.  Zip, zilch, nada when we got home. 

Last night I made shrimp and cheesy grits.  The only thing I will do different next time is to make a little more of the spicy hot red sauce I have the shrimp in.  Perhaps if I sliced up some of those red cherry tomatoes Barb purchased at the farmer's market.  Those little red buggers are so sweet that I used them in a omelet the other day and they were just the right touch. 

I noticed that Barbara was printing a Birthday card on her computer.  I asked her why she is not just posting a cute picture on Facebook.  She said that Amy is her Birthday twin and she always sends a card.  Oops, I am glad she reminded me that her birthday is this week.  Now to see if there is something I can find to be worthy of her.  Perhaps I can work in a birthday cake or something when we have Angie and Dave and Barb over Tuesday evening.  Any time we can have Lucas and Isaac over it will be a party.  I have some steak and chicken that I will grill and then make fajitas out of.  Throw in some cool aid and the boys will party hardy.

Oh well, better get on my go outside clothes and move on with the day.


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