Where did the weekend go?

We made a mad dash to Oklahoma to see a lawyer about a problem and seems like we lost the weekend and half of the week.  Someday I will get into the details of the problem that we need a lawyer for but only after it is all taken care of.

Got up early this morning and sat and read the paper.  The good news is that I didn't find my name on the police blotter or the Obit page.  The funny papers were funny and I didn't disagree with Ann Landers.  (or whatever her daughter is calling herself today)   Some lady made a sex tape with her ex and wondered why her 13 year old might be traumatized when he saw it.  Duh!  why on god's green earth would you make such a tape and then leave it on your phone.  If you are dumb enough to do that, why would you let your son play with your phone? 

The bad news in the paper was centered a lot about sports.  We were in Stillwater and the OSU program is under fire by Sports Illustrated.  After pouring 500 million into the facilities at OSU, people are wondering how money is flowing to the players?  Boone Pickens feels he has his money's worth.  Just think how many people would have jobs if that money had been funded into small businesses and education rather than sports.  That football player SUH from Nebraska was fined $100,000 for a deliberate low hit.  No big deal for someone that has made 55 million is the short time he has played.  I would suspend his young ass and that would hit his pocket a lot worse than any small fine. 

One way we can stop all this excess money in sports is to start following the money.  Players should be paid a small stipend for whomever they play for.  I can't imagine that $200 a week or even $100 a week would break any program and I damn sure know that KU could afford it.   Pro players should not make more than the President of the USA.  How can playing a game be worth multiple millions of dollars per year.   To me, it seems that the more the players are paid the more they act like spoiled brats and less like the rest of us.

My final point today is that I am tired or reading that people are still asking "why" things happen.  It is like tacking on the label "Hate Crime" to murder.  People that are raised in a loving home, given a good education and taught how to earn a living go through life like the rest of us.  Once one leg of that tri-pod is left out, they do things that defy rational thought.  I don't understand where we have gone wrong and have so many people that have lost that vision of a good life and that joy in living.  If you see someone do things that don't make sense, don't ask "why," ask what could we have done to keep the dream alive in that person? 

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