It Doesn't Make Sense to Me

A good friend posted a Facebook post that asked the burning question.  If there were no Boots on the ground, how did Pearl Harbor start the war with Japan?   My question is why would we want to kill the Syrians if all they did was kill Syrians?  How in god's Green Earth could helping the rebels (AKA the Hezbollah) be a good thing   How can John Kerry support this Civil War and be against the one we fought in Vietnam?   Can Jane Fonda be far behind? 

Seriously,  I think a goodly portion of us think it is all BS and do not support a strike there for any reason.  This morning, even Geraldo Rivers said he did not support any kind of a strike.  Must be really bad when he doesn't kiss Obama's ring. 

Better get moving or I'll just freeze in place. 


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