Little Cool

It is a little cool this AM and should be really nice by this afternoon.  I have some painting to do and just a little scraping to get done first.  Oh well, it will get done when it gets done.

A few minutes ago the Today show had as a topic the birth of a celebrity's baby.  He was asked if he was going to witness the birth.  He said that he wasn't going to be there because it was a little like watching your meal be prepared in the kitchen when you go out to eat dinner.  Then they went on to say that many men are in the delivery room but they stay north of the equator.  The women on the panel laughed but one of the male announcers seriously said there are just some things a man shouldn't see. 

When Barbara was PG with Dave, I attended the class that was required by the hospital so I could be there.  As it turned out, Barbara was in labor way too early and the Doctor met me at the door of the delivery room and said he didn't want me in there.  I think they were afraid that the baby might not make it and he told me to go down the hall to the waiting room.  Thankfully, everything worked out and now 37 years later it is all good.

One of my Daughter-in-laws best friends, our 'nother daughter, Mel is in Lawrence this week.  The mother of one of her friends passed away and she is here for the funeral.  Mel's friend Gill, was like a brother to her and he and his family was there for her when she lost her brother. We had a nice dinner and a good time considering the sad thing that brought Mel to Kansas. 

We met her for dinner last night and I had a very unusual dinner at the Salty Iguana.  They had blackened shrimp tacos and a salad of cherry tomatoes.  The tomatoes were dressed with an olive oil and cilantro dressing that was the bomb.  There was also some feta cheese crumbles on them that added a salty goodness.  The tacos were filled with cabbage and shrimp that just was tasty.  All in all, it was a very good meal and not the usual rice and black beans I normally get along with a burrito or tacos.  It is very interesting because not very long ago the very thought of sea food in a taco was very foreign to me. 

Oh well, better get cracking and get some work done today.


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