I for one had to look at the calendar to realize it was Friday the 13th.  The title of this blog is one of those 20 dollar words for a 10 cent date.  Kind of like the time I went to the Optometrist and he said I had "Presbyopia."  I told him he was wrong - I ain't afraid of no Presbyterians.  (Good thing the spell checker is up and running this AM)

That reminds me of a story.  Once upon a time (I was told this story so I can't confirm it and it is not old enough to be a fairy tale)  a graduate student from K-State was working on the History of Wyoming and was told that the oldest bar in Wyoming was located in a town just north of Guernsey.
I am fairly sure that this bar was in a little town called Hartville.  When she got there, sure enough there is only one bar in town so she went in to find out about the bar.  The owner/bartender laughed when she told him the bar looked like it wasn't that old. 

The owner told her that it wasn't the building, but the actual bar she was leaning on.  Seems like it was brought over from England and it was older than the USA.  Not to be completely left without a good story, she then asked if there were any real cowboys she could interview.

The Bartender directed her to the end of the bar where a fellow was sitting and drinking his beer.  When asked if she could ask him some questions, he agreed that if she needed a good story, he was her man.  She asked about the roll of his cowboy hat? - "Well, the sun is pretty bright and you can't wear sunglasses and rope cattle so a hat was a good thing. The back if the hat keeps the water from running down the back of your slicker in a rain."   She asked him why his shirt pockets had snaps? "Well, when you are riding and ropin', the snaps keep your smokes or fixin's from getting lost."  She asked about his large belt buckle?  "Keeps you pants up and it is just another way of bragin' without saying much."   Finally she asked him about the fact he was wearing tennis shoes not boots?
"I wear them so people won't  think I am a God damned trucker!" 

Oh well, it was only 50 this morning so fall has fell.


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