Our New Shed

Yesterday I signed the contract for a new 24X30 storage shed.  I am using the Cleary Building Corp out of Ottawa, KS.  Their salesman Mark came here to sell me on the idea.  I showed him where we wanted it and Barb said OK.  It still hadn't hit him full force that he didn't need to sell as much as do the paperwork.    He gave me the information on how to get the permit and we went out to the Shawnee County Annex to get the layout of the house on the current plat. I tell you that Gloria Obregon is the nicest woman there and she truly made us feel welcome and that she was glad to help us.  Every once in a while I have to be reminded that living here in the Heartland is a treat because of people like Gloria.

Through out the years I was in the Guard, I met a lot of fine soldiers.  The 69th Brigade Headquarters had a fine soldiers serving there and Jana Harrison was amongst the best. To make a short story longer, SGM Harrison has been selected to go into the Hall of Fame for the Kansas National Guard Museum.  It is a fine honor to see all her good work rewarded with the recognition as being one of the best.

Speaking of smiles, our new renter sent us a note thanking us for renting the house to her.  In her note she said that they saw a Fox in the yard the other day and thought it was really neat.  About two weeks ago I was mowing there and saw a statue of a fox in the yard of the bigger house.  As I watch it, the statue ran away and then did I realize the Fox was real.  My first thought was that I wish Barb was there to capture it with her camera. 

The other night, Barbara took a picture of the Harvest moon.  It is the last full moon before the start of fall.  If you are her friend on Facebook, you saw that picture. She posted a picture of a humming bird the other day and she sure takes beautiful pictures.  If you really knew Barbara, you would say it is her inner beauty reflected on what and how she see's things.  I take a lot of photographs but nothing like how she does it.  It is a lot like how we shop.  I go buy the nearest thing that fits the bill and Barbara shops to buy the nicest thing at the best price.  I am sure that I am the most expensive thing she bought but I hope I have a good value for her.

I am going out to the Museum of the National Guard at Forbes Field today for lunch.  The WWII vets of the 35th Division are having their reunion in Manhattan and are coming over for a free lunch.  They helped put an addition on our Museum and we owe them a hearty thanks.  I met the 35th Division Association President the other day over at Lake Shawnee and he invited me to come have a hamburger with them.  I will take my apron and go over to see if I can help serve those that served us so well.  When I was looking for my apron, Barb asked me what I was looking for.  I told her I wanted to find my apron to help serve the old guys coming to the museum.  Barb said, "You are one of the old guys Hon." 

Did I ever tell you that one of the highlights of my Military Career was the Holiday meals?  In the Guard we would invite the families to attend and I loved serving pie to the people coming through the food line.  As an officer, I always felt it was my duty to serve the soldiers and their families as thanks for all their service during the rest of the year.  I think you all know how much I love to see smiles on the faces of the kids.  For some reason when I would put on my red apron and red hat the kids would always smile and most would thank me for the pie.  Oh well, I had better close here and see if I can find my apron.



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