Storm's a comin'

After dumping water on Colorado, the clouds and a cold front are headed this way starting today through Wednesday.  We can use an inch or so of water but can do without the hail and flooding. So far there are four confirmed dead but well over 150+ people missing.  My hope is that they will be found safe behind washed out roads. The last time the Big Thompson roared with water they found bodies of people east of I25. 

If the wind behind the front is not very fast, I will get a chance to burn the rest of the brush piles here at Rabbit Run.  I just kept piling it on one pile and it should be at least two or even three.  I do have a burn permit and hope I can keep it down to just the pile and not include the woods. 

Yesterday I got a call from my Aunt in Colorado.  During our trip out to Colorado She and I discussed the Bieroaks method I use and she called me to tell me that it had worked out well.   Barbara introduced me to the technique of using those frozen bread rolls as the wrapper for the filling.  We basically let the rolls thaw out, roll them out and fill them and then let them raise.  If you let them completely raise first, they will not do it again.  For those of you with old shoulders, try to get one of the younger kids to come over and do the rolling.  Lots of less wear and tear. 

Yesterday Dave and his wife, Barbara came over for supper.  They brought Barb's nephews Kyler and Austen.   It is always fun to see how much they have grown since their last visit.  Kyler is growing fast and if he is any thing like his dad will be a pretty big guy.  Austen is working at the local Ace Hardware and between girl friends.  He just got his class ring and it sure brings back a lot of memories.  In a short time, I will have been out of High School 50 years.  It took me 10 years to graduate from College so it will be 40 years soon.  Time flies when you are having fun.

Well KU fans, it just wasn't to be that KU would win a road game this weekend.  The announcer made a point that no member of the KU football team has ever won a road game in their time at KU. Rice might have been start but Rice played about as well as they could and their kicker did an outstanding job.  KU will have a rough road in the BIG XII if they expect to win many road games in this conference. 

Speaking of football, I love the new no huddle offense teams are using.  It speeds the game up and the scores are up a bunch.  I might even become a college football fan again.  Now if baseball can find a way to speed up the game.  For me, sitting in the stands and eating hotdogs just  doesn't do it.

Oh well, places to go and things to do.  You all be safe out there and keep your water wings handy.


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