War Weary?

The world is facing a dilemma.  What should we do to respond to a Nation that uses chemical or nuclear weapons?  What is the role of the UN in such matters?  If the UN decides to respond, do we get involved?  Will the people of the USA support another involvement in a war in the middle east?

Will the mood of the people spill over into a Political/Military Decision?  After what John Kerry said about the Vietnam war, does his voice hurt or help the President?  Does the loss of life for any reason weigh out better or worse than any other?  I the term collateral damage just a code word for killing people?  How does it harm or build credibility in the world? 
All of these are what the President is facing today.  I contend that he is doing the right thing by seeking approval of congress.  If he gets his way, it will be a plus.  If he loses, it won't damage him personally.  After all, the congress of the United States is elected to represent the people in their State.  If we don't agree with a war action, is it any real skin off anyone's nose.  We also do not have recall elections here in America.

As for me, it is about as strange as anything I have ever seen to have John Jerry and Senator McClain on the same side of anything.  That's as strange as Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan in a movie.  No, not really.  I threw that in just to get the juices flowing.

One of the members of congress just asked what are the plans for a retaliatory strike?   What would be the outcome and what difference will it make in the Balance of power there in Syria.  What is the outcome "we" want and who is "We?"   What ever is done, we need to have the congress fully read in to the matter and the decision is clearly explained.  The last thing we need is  another Military action that is not understood, not explained and no way to end it in a credible manner.

One thing I do want to share is that I do believe that President Obama's position that whatever we do needs to be fully supported by Congress.


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