Responding to a Blog

I am not sure how to respond to the fact I have a lot of people that peek in and read what I write and never leave a reply.  Yes, I have said that I write this for me and am not really so concerned with what others think so long as they visit.  I do look at the list of posts and see what has garnered a lot of replies.  For the most part, those replies are praise with the follow on for me to visit their site with addresses like getaloanfast, getitfree or some other clearly advertising label.  Those I skip...

I have been pretty busy this fall trying to get as much done as I can.  One major project was renting out the smaller of my two rentals.  That is done and now I need to focus of a storage shed for the tractor.  I am torn between building a stick built one or a prefab metal one.  The other side of that is what do I really want?  Do I just want a storage shed for the tractor or one that will accommodate the mower, a 57 Chevy and numerous items I have not thrown away (yet). 

Whatever I do, I think I will have to take into consideration that Barb has mentioned that she wants to move her garden next year.  She thinks there may be diseases in the soil that cause her plants to not do well.  With the tiller I have for the tractor, it should not be much of  problem moving the garden, just a matter of where can I fit it all in.  With 18 acres it should not be the biggest problem I face but one I must consider.

One minor problem I have is that my burn pile is reaching a size that might be hard to handle.  I can reach it with the hose but don't know if a garden hose can handle a big fire.  Oh well, I will pick a calm day and burn baby burn.  Speaking of burning problems, it appears that the neighbor to the south has finally put his field in hay bales instead of burning.  That will save me the worry of having a forest fire get the woods on fire. 

Yesterday evening, I was going to go out to see if I could solve the non oiling problem with the chain saw.  Seems like the bar gets dry and oil doesn't flow like it should.  Just as I started outside, I decided to get my keys and backtracked.  Right there in the yard I saw a deer and her two fawns.  She didn't seem surprised by my appearance at the window and stayed for a long time.  Barb got her camera and we both discovered the problem of the trees and focus.  The digital cameras will auto focus but sometimes don't make the best decisions.  if there is a tree closer than the deer, it will give me great detail of the bark.  With the manual camera I would just open up the picture and get a large depth of field.  The autofocus just picks the closest thing and not the whole scene.   I guess I will have to take the time to learn how to do it manually of accept less than perfect shots.  Here is what I saw:

Great tree shot, poor deer shot.
Better picture, the flower was a "Happy Accident"
Oh well, the boss just got up so I'd better go see what is the plan for today.



  1. Try this method of focus that works for me with auto focus cameras. Find another object at the same distance as what you want to take the picture of. Auto focus on it and keep the button half way down to lock in the focus. Then move the camera back to the original subject and finish snapping the picture. Sometimes it takes more than one try. Practice this method and it soon will be easy to do. Ray

  2. I'll give this a try. My camera beeps when it locks a focus depth.