I grew up in a musical family and sang in the school choir from the first grade through High School.  I thank my mother and Grandmother for the fun they put in singing and I guess I just carried on by making music. I also have a sister that was a music teacher and Carol set a great standard to follow. I sang with a Barbershop Chorus for a few years and got busy and just let it lapse.  This past week I met one of my mentors and a long time friend and he invited me to come to their open house last night.  I found they needed Bass voices and that is where I really love to sing.  I will probably continue going on Monday nights to sing and make a joyful noise.

My big projects for this fall is to finish the painting of the yellow rental house and get a storage shed for the tractor.  I am working on the painting and the shed is under contract.  I wonder what else I can work in this fall.  I am going up to the County office this AM with the application for the building permit.  I might even stop in and get the car tags for 2014.  We'll see.

I have a good friend that thinks the Republicans are trying to de-rail the whole US economy.  Last time I looked most of Republicans told their voters they would do everything they could to stop the Affordable Health Care Bill.  It will be the President that veto's the Debt Limit bill not the Republicans.  There is mixed feelings out there when people look at Washington's inability to manage spending at the current level.  Then we hear the President tell us that the bill won't put us deeper in debt?  If we don't need it, don't pass it.  If it isn't needed, why will it shut down the Government? 

There is a lot of conversation about the 2nd Amendment here in the US.  Then we see the Islamofacist  massacres of people world wide.  I don't know how you feel, but I sure don't want to travel outside of the USA right now.  Besides, there is a lot of things right here in the USA I haven't seen.  I have a hankering to visit some of the Civil War Battlefields on the east coast. 

Better get my act together and move on.  Be safe and careful.


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