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I had planned to take today off today no matter what the weather did.  The bonus is that we are getting some much needed rain this morning.  Barbara says that she loves it when her plants get to go to bed with their feet wet.  A little fall rain goes a long way in making the next season successful.  I really don't know but her training as a Master Gardner seems to make things a lot greener here at Rabbit Run.  We do know better than to go away for a couple of weeks just as the tomatoes are starting to get red.  Something ate all the cherry tomatoes and the rest just haven't produced really great tomatoes.  If I had to choose what to do, we can always buy great tomatoes at the farmer's market.

Last night the Barbershoppers had a dinner at one of the shelter houses.  It was a great dinner and then we sang several songs to the women, mostly our wives.  I sang Baritone for years and now I am returning to Bass where my voice seems to have settled.  There are a few places where they have added some things not in the original music and it does make it kind of hard to follow but the main parts I just follow along and help the ending chords.  They promise me that at the next meeting I will be given a book of the music and a practice CD.  I know there will also be a new set of clothes to purchase but that won't be a big deal.

Many of the people at the dinner last night are at the stage where they can travel and do what they want.  One lady is about to go to Hawaii and is excited.  I told her that we have been having Hawaii weather here  to help her get ready. 

In thinking about my summer, I think this has been one great year.  It started with a family reunion for the Eastern half of the Petty Family.  Then we went to Colorado for the western half of the Petty family.  It was Uncle Warren's 90th Birthday and that was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  We then traveled to Idaho where Barbara's mother had her birthday and her Aunt Betty had her 90th Birthday party.  Barbara and I got to see many people we hadn't seen in ages.  Following that, we spent a week in Yellowstone with a great group of people.  If the Garmin could have found a way home that didn't include mountains, it would have been perfect.   

The county came out and inspected the septic system to make sure I am not building the new shed over the main or lateral lines.  The guy told Barbara that we need some kind of a pipe to mark the tank.  I guess they didn't see the pipe I put right over the clean out point.  I haven't looked to see if it is still there but I can't imagine why not.  We have had the system here at Rabbit Run for over 20 years and have had to pump it only once.  Even then, the guy said it was working great and doing what it should do.   The rain slowed down a little and I went out to see if I could find the marker pipe.  I couldn't so when it dries out I will try to trim the brush a little and find the pipe. 

Today is kind of a strange day for Kansas Football fans.  Both KU and K-State have a week end off. Perhaps it would have been a good time for them to have a game.  At least one of them would have had a win at the end of the game.  I like to tell people that one of my college teams is undefeated.  Well, Wichita State doesn't have a football program for what that counts.  As a lot of Basketball fans remember, they do have a fine round ball program.  Had KU not recruited Perry Ellis away from them, they might even be a championship team. 

Speaking of hype about basketball, if KU is half as good as the look on paper they will be in the finals this year.  They have three top prospects and a legitimate 7 footer.  Can't wait to see what the fall out is.  In the column of wishes I would love to see Danny Manning back here to coach the new big man.  They tell me that our 7 footer played midfield in soccer and has great foot work.  We'll see.

I guess I should close here and see if there is anything fun to do.


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