Rainy Day

Yesterday I went over to the rentals and worked on scraping the paint and ivy off the yellow house.  About 1 PM I realized I was getting wet and decided to call it a day.  Today it is raining to start the day so I won't even go out to start.  This does bring up a dilemma. What the heck do you do on a rainy day?

Yes, there is always another post on the blog but what then?  Back in the bad old days, I would put on my rain gear and just do whatever I had scheduled.  Now days, most of us kick back and use this type of day as one of planning and thinking about tomorrow's adventures.  After Barb' second cuppa tea, she might be counted on to throw out some ideas. She is better left alone to read the newspaper and drink tea until at least 10AM.

I have talked to the design guy at Cleary Buildings in Ottawa, KS.  They are going to send me a proposal sometime today for a metal pole barn for the tractor.  I have asked for one with a 10X10 door on one end and a walk in.  They say they won't get to the erection until early December.  They have a local concrete contractor and may have that part done earlier.  I don't know what his schedule is so no promises there either.  I will probably put in a wood stove to heat up the Diesel tractor on really cold days.  Last year I had to push snow three different times.

The headlines this morning was all about the Shooting in the Navy Yard in Washington D.C..  They called it a tragedy in the headlines.  To me, that is the wrong word.  Perhaps it was to those directly involved but to me, it was a massacre of unarmed people by a lunatic.  This will be another call to stop our right to bear arms.  The laws state that in Washington, D.C. they can't carry weapons.  The law also says that a person convicted of a crime with a gun also can't buy weapons.  There is a law against carrying weapons on a Military Installation.  We can't enforce the laws in place now. How the heck do they think they can enforce more laws better. 

Better go eat breakfast.


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