Cooler Weather

I would love the fall if it wasn't just prior to winter.  "Spring has sprung, summer's come hot as, well.  Fall has fell and winter's come, Cold as Hell."  This morning it is just cool enough to foretell the coming of winter.  I went out to fetch the paper in a t-shit and shorts.  Not near enough warmth.  I will put on a lot more clothes if I go back out anytime soon.

It must be official, the check for the down payment has cleared and the building permit has been approved.  Sometime in December there will be a 24X30 storage shed out there in the yard.  The only thing left on my checklist is to have the "Dig Safe" guy come out and mark the utility lines so we don't dig them up putting down the poles for the building.  Mark, the guy from Cleary Building will come out and with his level help me survey out the pad site.  I will take the tractor and level it out once it is marked.  I think I might have to bring my long ladder home and cut down one or two dead branches but that is no big deal.

Barb has a niece that sold her house a couple of years ago and bought an RV.  I read in a message that she has had about all the fun she can stand traveling around and she is going to get an apartment somewhere out there in California near a beach.  I keep trying to get Barb interested in traveling in an RV but I guess I built her too nice a house in a place that has all of what she wants.  I have to admit that a week of being on the road and I too want to be back home at Rabbit Run. 

The battery in Barb's car finally decided to crap out this week.  After 8 years I guess it should be replaced.  The good news is that it was no big deal.  I did take a pan of hot water and baking soda out to clean off any corrosion.  I shined up the connections with a piece of sandpaper and everything (Except the A/C and the turn signals) works OK.  I think I doubled the value of the car by putting in a new battery.  Had I filled up the gas tank it would have doubled the value for sure.

A couple of weeks back, I realized that my work shoes were worn out.  Both pairs had a hole in the side where I had sat down and worked on a project on the sidewalk.  I decided to get a new pair of shoes and let my two year old pair of SAS shoes become my work shoes.  I bought a new pair of New Balance leather shoes (With Velcro fasteners) for my new one's.  I realize how comfortable the old shoes are and even with a new coat of paint splatter will probably wear them a lot.  Barbara took the "chillins" shoe shopping yesterday and bought Dave a new pair of shoes so he had a pair that did not have paint splatter on them. 

First part of next week barb and I are going to run to Oklahoma to see what a scheduling conference looks like.  We are in a small legal battle and think we are going to have to drag the other party into court to get it settled to our satisfaction.  No big deal but it is like a splinter that we want removed.

Better get my show on the road.


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