Spring Rains Bring New Sump Pumps.

Yesterday I went to Menards to look for some way to close off the top of Dave's Septic tank.  There were all sorts of people talking to the guy in the plumbing department about sump pumps.   He was stationed on the aisle for the pumps and many brands were sold out. I hasn't rained hard enough for the pumps to run for a while and all the rain this week has exposed the old pumps to run and fail.  As I went out the front door of the store, a couple of men were carrying a pump into the store with a very wet and determined look on their face.  My advice to anyone replacing their pump, do it on a regular basis and buy the top of the line.  Cheap is not the answer.

I mowed early this week and now the ground is so soggy that I don't think I could get out there with my mowers.  There is one stretch of the front yard that I didn't mow and with the slope and sogginess I doubt that it will get mowed for a while.

News on the vision of the Master Gardener.  Her cataract surgery went well and yesterday she picked up her new glasses.  This morning she told me that she has not needed glasses for so long that she almost forgot to put the new one's on.  I reminded her that at least now she could find her glasses.  She has put them in the same place by her side of the bed for so long that it was automatic to grab them even if she couldn't see them.  I think it was ironic that she needed the Braille system to find her glasses.

Yesterday I went to Barry the Barber's shop for a haircut.  He is a baritone in the Barbershop chorus with me.  It is always fun to talk shop with him.  (Get it, barber and shop)  He was also in the military with me and we tell stories about the guys we served with.  He and I were both in the Guard a long time ago and things were a lot looser back then.  The rules about drinking and having fun were a lot easier.  Oh well, I would love to be young enough to serve with the kids today but alas I know I don't meet the high standards that are required. 

It was down in the 40's today so Barb brought her plants into the garage one more time.  Normally the 15th of April is a fairly good time to make sure her plants are kept frost free.  She has said that soon they will go out, frost or not.  What? Mother's day is only a week away?  Oh well, I just dig holes, she plants.

Years ago, I was playing with my nieces and they were in the back of their Mom's Station Wagon.  They were visiting the Gas Station owned by their dad and I worked there.  I snuck up and growled through the window.  A game we had played many times before.  This time the youngest niece turned to run away from the window and her feet got wrapped up in a blanket that was on the floor.  She fell on the back of the seat and hit her mouth hard enough to break some teeth.  (Thank god they were her children's set not the permanent) As she was eating an ice cream bar to calm the pain, she was saying "Mean Uncle Denny"  My sister said that yep my name was mud.  So, my family nickname and nom de plum is now MUD.

Better run and get ahead of the curve for the day.


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