Critters n such

Living here in the Heartland has dangers other than the misplaced bag of Zucchini. I have posted the Northern Black Widow and my brother-in-law killed a two foot copperhead with pictures on his e-mail. My niece was visiting her father in Texas and got stung by a wasp and her picture was so gruesome that I wouldn't post it here.

Yesterday I went up to Dave's place in search of some metal edging I was sure was in his storage shed. Not paying attention, I opened the door to find a six inch wasp nest, fully manned on the back of the door. One got me on the neck before I retreated out of their territory. I went back armed with some flying insect spray and got stung again on my finger as I sprayed the nest. At least I did find the edging I needed.

Later on, I went out to the other shed and got the riding mower out and there were wasps everywhere. They were working on a nest on the ceiling and at least they weren't as mad over my shaking the door as the last bunch. This time I had Dave's Black Flag and it sprays a stream about 10 or 15 feet and they were an easy kill.

The sting on my neck is just a small bump this morning but the finger is kind of swollen and sore. I guess that wasp was really inclined to get me and the other one just wanted me to go away.

Today it is kind of overcast and we have thunderstorms predicted for later on. I had some plans to do some roofing at the rental house but it will have to wait for a better day. Have a great day out there.



  1. Ugh! I'm amazed by anyone who can spray wasps. If I see one I retreat into anything impentrable by wasps as quickly as possible. Either that or I use whoever is around me as a body shield. I guess people living in the country get used to them, but that's why I'm always staying in the city.

  2. Oh ow! I haven't been stung since I was a kid, but I still remember the pain. Wasps, I mean. Bees were never a big deal. I think because I stepped on them and my feet were like leather. :) Hope your finger is better soon!

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    oooooh... ouch! Can you believe I have never been stung by a bee or a wasp? My brother is very allergic so I sometimes worry that I might be too.

    Your comment made me laugh. As usual. Yesterday my husband and I were alone for a bit. I was painting. Wanna know what he was doing? Walking around in his underwear.

  4. Ouch! Wasps and other stining insects are just not fun! I am glad that you only got stung twice. Glad that you found the edging despite the flying pests!

  5. There's a good-sized nest by one of our back gates but I'm leaving it alone. Early in the spring I got rid of all the starter nests near the front door. But these guys (and gals) by the gate have never stirred in anger as I walk in and out of the gate. I once hosed the nest for about a minute but they just flew away (not towards me) and came back later. It's at knee-height and about 4 inches across, only a foot from the gate; attached to my white Rose A Sharon / Althea.
    I hope that my husband doesn't notice them 'cause he'll make me kill them or he'll do it himself.

  6. One year I had a wasps nest in a bucket by the dog pen. The boy I hired to feed the dogs bumped it and got stung several times. I don't take chances like that with others. Some people are deathly allergic to being stung. I am not but it still hurts. MUD