What Do you do when it is Zuccini Season

After you have taken about a million pictures of the flowers, insects and deer, what do you do and where do you eat?

After you have eaten all the spicy chicken at Churches that you can stand, what do you eat?

You make a zucchini, diced tomato and Garbanzo bean chili and dig in. I noticed that there were two cupcakes yesterday and Barb admitted that it was a part of her balanced diet to eat cupcakes to offset all the zucchini. You never know how a meal that is good for you will attack. I haven't eaten garbanzo beans enough lately to know if they are powerful like regular beans.

But most importantly, in the Heartland, lock your doors as most of us that have them have them in quantity and the zucchini grow fast and big. Be afraid, very afraid. You never know who will sneak a bag of them in your car and slink away.



  1. I wish someone would leave a little zucchini on my doorstep. I love zucchini but the rest of my family hates it. I could be very happy making tons of zucchini bread, having just one small zucchini and some tomatoes roasted in the oven and topped with a little parmesan or mozzarella, frying a little to dip in ranch dressing and eat in lieu of ice cream or potato chips while watching TV. I love zucchini! I think I'm going to get that garden started next spring and I will have one zucchini plant just for me.

  2. It sure looks like you ate well! And the picture of the flower - beautiful!

  3. Send me some zucchini! I love it, and mine died! Your Barb's a sharp woman, to know that cupcakes balance out the abundance of zucchini.

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I love your comments MUD! You made me laugh. I always appreciate your perspective. You remind me of my Dad!

    As for zucchini...oooooh I hope and pray my neighbor across the street brings me over a bunch like she does every year! I absolutely love to slice one in half and grill it. Gotta get nice dark grill marks on it! Salt and pepper and YUM YUM YUM!!! And zucchini bread!!! I always laugh when I hear someone talk about hiding from the neighbors with the zucchini. Not me!

    Now... uh... garbanzo beans. EW. I love hummus which is made from garbanzo beans but actual whole garbanzo beans? No thanks. My parents were the type that made us eat all of our food. I would often tell my brothers if they ate such and such they could have my meat. That only worked when our parents left the table though. One time we were all sitting there with garbanzo beans left in the bottom of our salad bowls. We all hated them. My brother decided to put them all in his mouth at once and decided to try to swallow them like pills with his milk. He immediately puked all over the table. My other brother and I didn't have to eat ours and my mother never put them on our salad again.

    Oh... and you are most welcome for that.

  5. My mom makes amazing zucchini bread; it's better than any other kind of bread she makes. Thanks for the marriage advice too. I find it to be more fun, at times our relationship has been work but we try to make it as fun as possible. One thing I find myself surprised by is how easily we fall to performing traditional gender tasks. He does the finances and I keep the house in good shape. He tells jokes and sings songs when he's happy and I can cheer him up from any kind of funk. So yeah, it's fun : )