It is HOT!

It didn't cool down much last night and it has steadily been getting hotter all day. I got the big mower out and mowed until about 12:30. After we ate lunch it was just too danged hot to be out side. I went out and put all the toys away and man am I glad that I waited to shower until that was done. In about 10 minutes I was completely a sweaty Petty.

This afternoon I will pretend to watch TV and probably get in a little nap. We will have the kids over this PM and make Fajitas out of the leftover steak and chicken. It will be great stuff and I am confident that the dogs won't have to eat much in the way of leftovers. I will try to make Spanish rice out of some leftover brown rice and I have a backup if needed.

The final touch is water melon that is hogging the bottom shelf in the fridge. It thumped like it was good and getting cold is just a bonus.

We are promised a mid week break in the heat and perhaps a little rain. I know the soybeans and corn won't mind at all. The yards are kinda still green so nothing is dry to death but three or four days of 100 will stress some things. I noticed that barb put some gallon cans of water out by some of the new plants. A hand full of rocks and a few small holes and their little feet won't get too dry.

Oh well, I hear a nap calling, "Dennis, time to pretend to watch TV!"


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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    It is miserable hot here too.