Forgot the Dang Camera

This is Julie and the girls as they arrived in Wichita almost a month ago.

We went over to a party in Julie & Gerald's old neighborhood here in Topeka and met some mighty nice people and got to update my Special K hugs. But, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to bring the camera so warm feelings is all I have to show you for my time. Take my word for it, Julie and Gerald just know how to bring special people together. I guess it is their kindness and love that just brings out the best in people. It remind me of the warm and big hugs I would get from my mother when I was little.

I have bleary eyes from reading two books and watching the Olympics at all hours. Some darn nice young folks did a lot of hard work and their work shined as brightly as their medals. The Chinese brought Yau Ming home to highlight their basketball team but the US just creamed them. In their honor, I had Chinese food yesterday but an hour later I wanted to be home watching the swimming. The only thing prettier than watching the men's 4X100 free stile win over the French was the clip of Natalie Coughlin on the program this morning. That is sure a couple of purdy young thangs. Speaking of the French being beat by .08 seconds, they should be familiar with that feeling. From Napoleon to Vietnam, the French have been on the losing side more times than most people remember. I am amazed that when the Russians moved their tanks into Georgia, that the French didn't run up the white flag. I am still mad that one of my family members said that my name is a derivative of Petit and not English Petty. Those dang French can't be trusted to get something as small as my name right.

I really do hope that the Russians and the Georgians smooth their problems out soon. Just once in my lifetime I would like to see the UN get their act together and bring that stupid incursion to a halt.

Quick, raise your hand if you care who is the VP nominees for Barry and John. The choices enumerated on the TV this morning are as varied as Kathleen Sibelius for Barry and Lieberman for McCain. That's just too weird to think about this early in the morning. Perhaps when I have my third cup of coffee I'll be able to get my head in that game. (notice the sports reference after how many hours of the Olympics)

I tried to find some way to use bleary eyed that was better. Kind of like "Blearily" he said. (Spell checker didn't underline that so I guess I can leave it in)

Oh well, miles to go ad things to do. Have a great day out there.



  1. The Relay was amazing! I loved the way that the guys all reacted when they saw that they won! Go, America, Go!

    The athletes do clean up nice, don't they?

  2. Seems to me you would have added the French monumental failure at the Panama Canal. You know, seeing how that happened when you were just a boy and all. You know, back when Grover Cleveland was President. Cleveland was President when you were born, huh?

  3. It seems to me that Grover was just a mere lad when I first voted. Dang, I wish my memory was better. Nah, I would just have more of them Democrat presidents to hate. MUD

  4. I care. I don't want Hillary as VP. Is he even considering her? I've given up on watching or listening to the news for the most part. I would think having her as VP would be dangerous for Barack. Do you know how many people surrounding the Clintons have disappeared or died suspicious deaths? I think they're Dirty with a capital D.