Went to the Dog Show

Just as I got there my favorite kind of dog was being judged. The Dachshunds had done each category of Short hair, long hair, wire hair and standard and the best of the four types were being judged. A black and Tan long hair won best of the breed.

She was a pretty as Grissy and her hair was so well groomed that it shined. I did notice a hair ball on one ear that I would have combed out but the handler didn't seem concerned.

Right after the judging I saw two of the cutest dachshunds in a crate that I hadn't seen in the long hair competition. They were as blond as a pair of Cocker spaniels and were a sweet pair. Their handler was pissed off that they weren't selected in their category and kenneled them up and walked away. I didn't see the owner take them away.

For me the toughest class to judge would have been the Dobermans. There were 35 of them and other than a chocolate one now and then they looked almost identical. What a bunch of pretty dogs and not one guard dog in the bunch. They were all sweet and loved to sniff strangers and get petted. One came up and nudged my camera lens and I had to clean off a nose print. He was thrilled to have me pet him and I was thrilled that he didn't tear off my arm or something. It was a fun day and my feet hurt.



  1. Yeah, Dobermans would be hard to judge, who cares, wook at dem sweet, widdle, Dachshunds!!


    Okay, that was gay. But, dachshunds are my favorite breed as well. Does the black and tan longhair have the dapple, too? The reflections off the coat make it look like it.

  2. Nope, that was shine from the lights. I really don't care for the dapple dachshunds. My best friend did have a brindle dachshund that was about a pretty as they come. Anyone that likes dogs is OK with me. MUD

  3. I like dogs. I especially like watching dog shows on tv. I don't own a dog but think they are wonderful creatures - if trained with love and logic and not anger.