Oh My God!

Don't get me wrong, but I think Bill Self getting 3 Million dollars a year is obscene! He is the coach not a player. If he repeats as the NCAA Champ there are incentives that could drive that up to 3.5 Million. Oh well, he can afford to drive the SUV the Lincoln Dealer gives him to drive.

I woke up this morning with a really bad taste in my mouth. That damn cigar is still haunting me. I am pretty sure that it isn't just the tobacco smoke in my nostrils making the smell turn in to a taste but after three cups of coffee it just is still there. It is just slightly less annoying than the poison ivy I have on my arms. Must have got into some at Dave's place yesterday.

Did you know that you can spot the K-State students around Manhattan KS by the skoal can wear marks on their back pockets? Do you know what the most popular flavor ice cream is on the K-State Campus. Vanilla for the girls and Skoal for the guys.

It cooled off to the mid 80's yesterday and in typical fashion I went out and overdid. This will be a two Naproxin Sodium morning.

Have a great day out there.

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