While I was Out Yesterday

There is a really great guy that runs a bike shop over by Washburn University here in Topeka. He was in an area that was slated for upgrades and he didn't want to move. The Developer finally built around his shop and he remains in business. I thought that this Country was built on fairness and the right to own your property. It seems that the City of Topeka has joined in with the developer to put Jerry out of business. Here are a few of the injustices done to Jerry.
  • The city condemned the parking area behind his building and took it for the Developer to make money off of. Don't let anyone tell you that the laws only support public works.
  • The City dug up the parking area in front of his store and connected the gas lines to the two adjoining stores and cut his off. He has only a wood stove to heat his building.
  • He is being taken to court and sued for $250,000 or the right for the developer to change the decor of Jerry shop and Jerry has to pay or it.
  • One day Jerry's sewer stopped working and he realized that the city cut his sewer line off. He has to put a porta potty on his sidewalk to use the bathroom.
  • The city tried to say that the porta potty was blocking the sidewalk and when they finally saw it the realized that it didn't. Then they tried to say it was on the easement but it wasn't.
If there was ever a guy that should hate the city and the developer, Jerry is it. I am going to cut a load of fire wood and take it to him as the weather cools down. I am also going to buy a new headlight/taillight outfit from him even though I can get it cheaper on the Internet.

One other note is that Jerry doesn't carry recumbents anymore. He said that at the bike show this year almost no one was at the Bentrider's booths. I did notice that they are all over a grand each and I'll bet the inventory cost and the pending legal problems don't help.

Oh well, I think I'll go for a bike ride and get over it.


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  1. Poor Jerry. He is fighting a losing battle. Maybe he should have told them that he would move if they would build him a new building and pay for it all. I do admire his tenacity!