I Don't mind Them picking them...

But I do mind if they eat them all and don't share. This is a photo of our new deer visitor and her two fawns. They are basically out in the open in our orchard and eat the apples. I haven't taken any pictures of the turkeys eating the grapes but the neighbors say they see them all the time. Oh well



  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Bambi!!! Lucky you! I would be out there trying to get them to let me touch them and then I'd squeez them and hug them and... oh!

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Great Picture! Looks like Bambi and Twin. Ray I.

  3. I have serious doubt that Momma deer would let anyone get close enough to do any petting or hugging those cute little fawns. I saw a Deer kill a cougar on a Walt Disney film so I am always careful around wild critters. Those hoofs can beat you quick and deep. Thanks for the comments Ray. I will have to admit that the Master Gardner/ Expert Photog took this picture. I'm sure once the apples reach their full ripeness they will be back. MUD

  4. Good job! You must've been fast!