Pornography, Heartland style

My readership is down a little so I thought I would experiment with things that might improve my readership. I will start with Male Nudity

Follow that with female nudity! (Naked Ladies)

Wild and wet party goer.

Dare I say Pussy:

A Picture of my buns:

And Finally a naked beach picture.

If this causes you to be ashamed of me, I apologize in advance. What else doe you have to do on a rainy day. Read a book? Watch the Olympics, write stupid things on your blog? Oh well...



  1. Well- I am just shocked that blogs like this allowed on the internet! My goodness gracious :)

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    So so funny! I'm not shocker - especially about the nuts! Have you ever read all of http://thepioneerwoman.com/?

    She is heavy into "calf nuts".

    ~Mad (NOT!) in Alabama

  3. It's just like children over here. I turn my back for one second and damn if you aren't writing on the wall in crayon. Go get the plowline, young man.

    And a bar of soap.

  4. Ditto to what Two Dogs said. You should be ashamed. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! I showed up today expecting a good "clean" blog and I find this!

    Actually, it made me laugh! The female nudity was especially tasteful!

  6. I love stupid things on blogs. Isn't that what they are for? Also love your political commentary Mud. Very funny Clinton on monogamy.

  7. Scandalous! I like your pictures of the naked ladies. :-O Though I don't care for the bumper nuts, I do laugh pretty hard whenever someone gets their panties all in a twist over them. It's worth having to see them to watch someone with no sense of humor work themselves in a tizzy over such a silly thing.

  8. Your post made me laugh. I'm just wondering about those bumper nuts. I see them around town and wonder why anyone would want to be so trashy as to buy them. But that's just me!