A Fun Time Had by All

This is me on my recumbent. The smile is a little busy as I was shifting as I rode up to where Barb was taking a picture. There also was a parking curb and a handicapped sign I was trying to avoid. I can ride at least 100 MPH if you notice the duct tape holding the bill on the helmet. I did get it up to about 35 MPH but that's downhill with a light tail wind.

As you can see, Gerald also had a smile on his face as he rode the bent. He rode Barb's bike a little while but it wasn't really set up for him properly and he loved my bike as he rode. He's a natural. The smiles are courtesy of Ken. Thanks Bud.

This is Julie on Barb's bike and she really rode well. It was a fun time and Barb and the girls played on the playground while the riders did their thing.

This is the picture as they loaded up for their trip to Nebraska. They have a wedding to attend with the Wiebe family. They have a full schedule but will be back in Topeka on the 5th. They will be with Pastor Dave and family through at least the 10th. They will make a presentation to their church on the 10th.

Having our "almost" grandchildren with us for a couple of days was my Birthday present. Having Julie and Gerald also was bonus! I think I am almost caught up with hugs that I missed over the two years they were in Morocco.

Thanks to my readers for letting me wax poetic about our chance to have these wonderful people in our lives for a couple of days. There are special people out there and I hope you all have someone in your lives that you love unconditionally.



  1. The pictures are great! The children are absolutely darling. :) I hope they traveled safely.

    I know what you mean about the Dark Knight being violent. I usually have a very difficult time with film violence, but none of it seemed gratuitous. It all just ... fit. The film was unsettling. Disturbing. Moving. And very good.

  2. Nice bikes! It makes me want to get out there and cycle. Okay - I might wait until the temps are under 100 here!