Dang, I Hate it When this Happens

For a lot of my adult life I smoked a pipe. Recently I had to have some oral surgery to check a place on my cheek that had been dried by the hot pipe smoke for all of those years. It wasn't much but the surgeon removed a quarter sized place instead of just taking a biopsy.

I tell you this to make sure that you know that I don't want to smoke and face that again. On the other hand, I have promised myself that if I am good for a year, I would get to smoke a "Birthday" Cigar each year. They keep getting more expensive and I find them less and less enjoyable. This year's cigar was a hand made Honduran that was supposed to be as good as a Cuban. It was a nice looking cigar and was just under $10.00. The picture above was just borrowed off a cigar magazine ad.

I borrowed the cigar cutter from the smoke shop and they gave me a lighter. I did the whole routine and pre heated the end and then lit it. At first it was a little bit if heaven. A warm smoke and it was fairly mild. The more I smoked that critter, the less I enjoyed it until I was dizzy as an old cow eating loco weed. I am glad that I got home quickly and didn't run into anything or have to stop and hurl.

Needless to say, my adventure with a cigar will wait for another year. I guess it is kind of like my annual catfish dinner. I have to have it about once a year to remember how much I hate catfish.

Oh well,


  1. You are TOO FUNNY, MUD. You couldn't pay me to smoke a cigar. But I've always thought I might enjoy a pipe. 'Course, I've never actually smoked anything at all. Just love that pipe smell. Mmmm.

  2. I read that Pipe tobacco has brown sugar and spices added to give it a "nose" that people find acceptable. Other than that, it is just tobacco and a nasty thing on your lungs. Go eat a cookie. MUD

  3. Hmmmm. Maybe the year long wait has made you realize that cigars aren't your thing?