Family Visit

As some of you may know, my son married a girl with the same first name as his mother.  Therefore we have Barb Senior and Barb Junior.  For her Birthday, Barb Jr wanted to have her mother and sister visit here for the weekend.  We have hosted three meals for Barb Jr, her family and friends.  Lots of good food, good friends and great visits.  We also had Barb's Friend Angie and her boys over last Tuesday.  Seems like this place has been party central this week   Wait, did I leave out Mel's visit the weekend before?  It has been party central for a couple of weeks.    It seems so quiet  now that everyone has gone.

I told Barb Senior that we have enough leftovers to not have to shop for a week or so.  In fact, some of the leftovers are in danger of becoming left over, left overs.  One thing pretty sure is we won't have to cook many meals.  Most of the next couple of days will be re-heat and enjoy.

This morning I put some of the garlic mashed potatoes to good use as potato pancakes at breakfast.  Throw in some biscuits and gravy and it sure made a meal.  I inadvertently pick up a package of maple flavored thick sliced bacon at Sam's club and man was it ever good.  You can always tell how good the bacon was by the amount left over.  I think that out of a pound of bacon there were two slices.  Taco got the leftover potato pancakes and sausage gravy as a morning treat.  

Three or four night in as row, the raccoons visited the feed site.  Last night they left the place alone and the deer got all the corn and apples.  I think it is cooler today and the deer tend to stay down in the bottom of the draw when the wind blows cold air.  

Tonight we have a KU pre-season game to see.  probably will try to fit in a non leftover meal while we are at it.  


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